Chongqing Runze Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (CQRP for short) is a high-tech pharmaceutical private enterprise. It is located Yubei District Airport Industrial Park. It based on the development of both Chongqing Dongze Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co. Ltd (CDPS for short) and Chongqing Xirun Medical Equipment and Supplies Co. Ltd (CXME for short). CDPS relies mainly on researching and selling New drugs, while takes researching and selling Generic drugs as secondary reliance. CXME mainly focuses on running high-tech neurology products of well-known enterprises at home and abroad. CQRP, CDSP and CXME three companies have the same corporate representative and share the same management team. CQRP engages in researching, producing and selling the neurological medical equipment and supplies and pharmaceuticals. We have a number of high quality talents who not only rich in knowledge of management and operation, but also have many business skills. 92 percents of the talents have Medicine bachelor degree or above. There are advanced office condition, scientific management system, standardized logistics system, sound financial management in our company. In the mean time, the company has the management idea and business strategies which can adapt to the market. Nowadays the company has fully realized the information platform of the office mode.

The development of the company based on the leading of the scientific technology and the protection of intellectual property. And the company sets production, studying and researching in one. It established long-term partnership with Chinese Association of Neurologist, Neurologist Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the Fourth Military Medical University, Sichuan Association of Antibiotics and JINGWAH Nanjing Association of Medicine etc more than 30 scientific research units. With the long-term partnership several the national, provincial and municipal scientific key problems were tackled by us, while the industrialization projects were undertaken. At present two innovative medicines and six innovative equipments and supplies are been researching and developing in our company, most of which will be getting out of the laboratory in three years and fill the gaps in some field. Every year 10 percents of the sales revenue will be used to research the new material, new technology and new products. It also will be used to equip with modern laboratory research and production equipment. For the sake of the developing of the RVDT-71 rotary differential transformer from 2002 to 2004 we got the National patent. As a result of the success of developing the SF-10 AC servo speed measuring motor from 2002 to 2007, the Provincial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology was given to us. Independent research and development of the HL-841D Electric Craniotome in 2003 made us win the Provincial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. In 2010 a new Operation Power Apparatus was researched and developed by ourselves. Then our company was rewarded with the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology second prize.

The training of the research ability and transfer of scientific and technological achievements ability are attached great significance by our company. Every year 10 percents of the sales revenue will be used to research and develop the new material, new technology and new products. Two innovative medicines and six innovative equipments and supplies are currently been researching and developing. Most of the medicines and equipments and supplies will be getting out of the laboratory in three years and fill the gaps in some field. In the medical device, on the one hand, our company and Third Military Medical University cooperated in researching and developing the RZ08-3 operation power system. The system is one of key products in the thematic issues project of the National high-tech research and development plan (863 plan). (The name of the project is that the research and development on the portable and self-power key technology and equipment of the seismic craniocerebral injuries’ treatment that based on Earthquake simulation condition.) Our company owns the system’s intellectual property fully. The power device has got the Category II Registration Certificate for Medical Device. And the excellence operating performance and stable quality system are approved by all the experts. On the other hand, the bipolar coagulator was researched and developed independently by us. The bipolar coagulator is a Category Ⅲ Medical Equipment and Supplies. It has completed the clinical trial and came into the stage of registration and application. The development of the new implant material Porous tantalum is drawing to a close. We expect that this new implant material will have a small batch trial produce at the end of this year. And the related technologies have applied for international patent. Beside the products mentioned before, the high-tech products Photodynamic Therapy Apparatus and Intraventricular Endoscopic are being in the full swing development process too. In drug research and development, after decades of continuous efforts, a new type of neurology drugs has completed pharmaceutical research and the animal experiments into clinical trials. Another research and development of novel photosensitizer has also made a breakthrough.

Since 2008, our company has applied for 107 National patents and 20 international patents, 32 of the patents has authorized. The purpose of the patent application is mainly for operation power apparatus, porous tantalum and L-Oxiracetam. We expected that the annual production of the Operation Power Apparatus will arrive at about 2,000 units. In the light of the current market price of 180,000 yuan, after achieved the production the annual sales revenue will reach 360 million yuan. The porous tantalum gets more and more concerns for its excellent mechanical properties and biocompatibility. Our company will launch the new product in 2014. After three year the sales revenue will reach 1billion yuan, and is going to arrive at 5 billion in 5 five years. The success of the porous tantalum will end the age of stainless steel and Titanium products. It will make people gain a kind of safe and valid implant product. And its social benefit is far more than the economic benefit. L-Oxiracetam is the S Enantiomer of the listed Oxiracetam. According to the registration of new classification requirements, it belongs to CategoryⅠNew Drugs. The new drug is unlisted both here and abroad. Its pharmacological activity is significantly stronger than Oxiracetam and its efficacy is superior to the anti-dementia drug Galantamine in clinical first-line. On the basis of current annual sales of Oxiracetam 10 billion, after the listed of L-Oxiracetam the annual sales will achieve between 15 billion and 20 billion.

We uphold the enterprise purpose that ‘carve out by science and technology, benefit the people’, promote the team spirit that ‘honest, harmony, effort and advance,’ give full play to the advantage of our science and technology. Well, our company will take innovative products as a leader and make the organic combination of market, research and produce in order to create a well-known pharmaceutical and medical equipment and supplies enterprise. And the enterprise sets the science industry and trade in one. At the same time, we will shoulder the historical responsibility resolutely which is the best for the people’s health. And also, the company will strive forward with our enthusiasm, diligence and wisdom to make great contribution for the development of the society.



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